Best guided mountain hikes in Attica

Do you love nature excursions and hiking? Do you wish to tour the stunning mountain destinations of Attica and… test your stamina, with the security of a perfectly organised trip? Certified escorts and experienced guides are here to show you the way into idyllic paths, a stone throw’s away from the centre of Athens!

Mountaineering and nature clubs are scattered all around Attica, from Athens and Piraeus, Lavrio and Voula, to Eleusis and Acharnes. They are organised into two federations, the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing and the Hellenic Federation of Nature, Mountaineering and Excursion Clubs, the latter specialising in trekking and nature touring. Hiking routes are also organised by Mount Parnitha’s refuges, Bafi and Flabouri.

Just 50 minutes from Athens, Mount Parnitha is hikers’ and mountaineers’ favourite destination, since it combines short relaxed walks on dirt paths, few-kilometre easy hikes for beginners, as well as long extreme routes for advanced trekkers.

* Flabouri – Mola – Flabouri. An easy 3 hour and 30 minute route that begins from and returns to Flabouri refuge, taking different paths each time. There is good signage, with mild altitude variations. En route, we will come across water springs, mountain kiosks and clearings that are ideal for rest breaks.

* Cable Car Terminal – Bafi – Skipiza. A classic hike in Parnitha, with very good signage. The route passes through Bafi refuge and Parnitha’s highest water fountain, Skipiza.

* Yannoula Gully. Very easy and almost flat 30 minute route, just outside Chassia. We follow the ancient millrace, which used to supply Athens with water from Goura (or Yannoula) gorge. Along the route we will come across a recreation spot with playground. An ideal route for beginners and families with small children.

* Night hike in Parnitha. A unique experience in the majestic fir forest of Attica, with the moonlight showing the way and in the sounds of running water from the springs. Halfway along the route, we stop at the vast Mola meadow to rest, gaze at the stars and drink cold water from the namesake spring. Further down along the path, we reach the Bafi refuge for a hot beverage or dinner. For ages over 8 years.

* Tatoi tour. We will marvel at the estate of the summer palace that belonged to the former Greek royal family, walk around the enchanting paths of the densely wooded property and stop for a picnic at the clearing with the Great Plane Tree.

* Children hiking Fyli – Dipotama – Fyli. The route starts at Fyli, it continues towards the bank of the Goura gully, up to the point where it meets the Theodora-Dipotama gully. Hiking route for children 8 to 15 years old and their parents.

* Children hiking “Water Routes”: Yannoula millrace – Goura gully or Keladonas river. Hiking, play, guided tours and storytelling on the aromas of the forest, the flowers and the plants of Parnitha. For children 8 to 13 years old and their parents.

Besides Parnitha, organised excursions, hiking routes and nature tours are also offered in other parts of Attica, both in its mainland and islands.

* Hiking Mount Penteli. From Drossia we follow the trail that goes up the northern side of Mount Penteli. The group comes across three picturesque chapels along the way: Profitis Ilias, Agios Nikitas and Agios Loukas. The route continues with a smooth ascent up to the col of Agios Panteleimonas. From here we start our descent to the namesake monastery, the Davelis cave and Palaia Penteli. An easy Attica hike, suitable for all.

* Hiking Lavrio. Get to know the natural landscapes, the archaeological sites and the mines of Lavrio. You will hike along a pine-covered route to Chaos chasm, the temple of Demeter and the ancient theatre of Thorikos, the oldest theatre in Greece. You will visit the Mineralogical Museum of Lavrio that boasts a grand collection of minerals and equipment used by miners, and walk along forest trails that pass by entrances of mine shafts, miners’ residences and ancient metal washing facilities.

* Hiking Agistri island. Departure from Piraeus on a hydrofoil to the verdant island of the Saronic Gulf. From the port of Myloi we head to Dragonera beach, where we begin the hike to the chapel of Agia Varvara. Then, we walk through a pine forest all the way up to the scenic Metochi village, ending up in Skala. We take a swim at the beautiful beaches of Chalikiada and Skliri, have lunch and return to Piraeus on a ferry.

* Two-day nature tour in Poros – Methana. Hiking in Poros island, through forest routes and a path that leads to the Sanctuary of Poseidon, which offers a spectacular view over the Saronic Gulf. After we cross the ridge of the island, we reach the main town of Poros. The second day finds us in Methana, where we follow the path to Makryloghos village, all the way up to the top of Methana volcano. We will see the crater up close, as well as the impressive crack that was created during the eruption, and will marvel at the stunning view from the site.

For memorable nature routes and experiences in Attica, opt for an organised excursion with certified escorts and experienced guides, be informed of the weather conditions in the area you wish to visit and always follow the respective safety rules.

For more information, visit:
Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing
Hellenic Federation of Nature, Mountaineering and Excursion Clubs

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