Trekking and sport climbing in West Attica

West Attica has extraordinary thrills and fascinating experiences to offer to those who love outdoor adventure activities, trekking and climbing. Sites of incredible natural beauty are here to welcome people of all ages, all around the year, for organised guided treks, training courses by experienced professionals and sport climbing for every… physical condition.


In Fyli, on the foot of Mount Parnitha, you will find the largest natural climbing park in Attica, which is merely 16 klm away from the centre of Athens, with easy access from Attica Tollway (Attiki Odos). The Climbing Park of Southwest Parnitha boasts a breathtaking landscape, being surrounded by imposing masses of rock that have been developed into smaller or larger climbing crags. Climbers of all ages gather here almost daily to enjoy sport climbing, choosing from various difficulty grades and crag characteristics.


Pano Alogopetra is one of the most solid crags in Attica, ideal for advanced rock climbers. It features 34 of the most fascinating and exciting routes in the area (grade from 5c to 7c).

Mikri Varassova is considered one of the best options for intermediate level climbing, with 31 enjoyable routes, ideal for the cooler months of the year (grade from 5a to 7b+).

Pigi Avrami is a limestone crag of good quality, with 30 routes of south orientation, ideal for climbing in the period March-October (grade from 5c+ to 7c).

Goura is a perfect quality crag, located northwest, that features 18 routes with grade from 6c+ to 8b.

Kokkinos Vrachos is a 13-route crag of east orientation, with grade from 5b to 7a.

Petra Evraiou (Strofes) features a limestone rock of very good quality. This crag will thrill advanced climbers, who will greatly enjoy its 17 routes of south orientation. Winter months are the ideal time to climb it (grade from 5a to 7b).

EPOS” climbing crag has 27 routes in total, easy and of medium difficulty. It is continuation of “Mikri Varassova” climbing crag, it has northwest orientation and in winter the rock faces the sun only for one hour, in the afternoon. Grade from 5b to 6c.

Ekstrateia Fichthi is a solid, vertical rock with north orientation and 28 routes of medium difficulty, ideal for summer climbing (grade from 5c/5c+ to 7c/7c+).

Spilia Rizou features 6 demanding routes of great difficulty, for experienced climbers (grade from 6c to 7c+/ 8a). The crag’s orientation is southwest, it faces the sun all day, thus the best time to climb it are the cooler months of the year.


April is probably the best time for mountain and climbing enthusiasts to visit Attica, on the occasion of the Athens Fyli Climb Fest that is organised every year, attracting crowds of people – amateur and professional climbers from Greece and the whole world.

Join in and discover the natural treasures of beautiful Parnitha. Trek its extraordinary mountain trails, test yourselves on the climbing crags of the area, participate in the educational workshops and presentations, join the organised outdoor activities such as hiking, yoga, slackline and highline, and enjoy the unique experience of night climbing, which will be hard to forget.

At Parnitha climbing park, beginners and children will discover how fascinating and safe sport climbing is, guided by experienced trainers, while advanced climbers with great… stamina will compete at the climbing marathon, an event that captivates the audience of Athens Fyli Climb Fest.


Only a few minutes away from the centre of Athens, a lush “paradise” for open-air activities full of adrenaline is expecting you. Live the fascinating experiences that the mountainous landscapes of West Attica have in store. Options are countless: mountain trekking along the trail network in West Parnitha, canyoning at the spectacular Goura gorge, exploring the mythical Panos cave, organised mountain biking and an endless array of fun activities for children, with exciting exploration, education and delightful play in nature!

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