Palataki Tower

Located where Georgios Karaiskakis fought his historic battle against the troops of Kioutahi Pasha in 1826, this 19th-century castellated building is a prime example of romantic historicism. Palataki Tower also has several neo-Gothic features, and while some of the auxiliary buildings, such as the guest house, have been decorated with murals by Nikolaos Gyzis, they are actually neoclassical in design.

The main tower currently houses the Municipal Cultural Centre, while the renovated guest house operates as a part of the Municipal Library; it has also been used as a summer retreat by many of its owners. The site accommodates other structures, such as an olive mill and stables, later converted into a snack bar.

Since 1979 the Palataki Tower and its surroundings have been listed as an historic location by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Address: Leof. Athinon 161, Chaidari
Area: Chaidari, West Suburbs

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