Villa Kazoulis

Built early last century, and based on the designs of an unidentified architect, Villa Kazoulis is one of Athens’ most characteristic buildings. Belonging to Nikolaos Kazoulis, a wealthy Greek merchant from Rhodes who lived and worked in Egypt, the mansion was primarily used as his summer residence.

Covering 2.5 acres, the villa and its property were used under German occupation to house a garrison headquarters. After liberation, the ELAS people’s army also had its garrison headquarters here; in 1949, the KAT hospital temporarily operated on the site.

After the earthquake of 1953, the building accommodated refugees from Kefalonia and Zakynthos, but over the next few years the mansion was gradually abandoned. In 1985, the Greek government purchased the property and subsequently renovated it; the Hellenic Ministry of Culture used it for various purposes.

Many Greek movies were filmed here in the 1960s.

Address: 241, Kifissias Ave & 1, Grigoriou Labraki St, Kifissia
Area: North Suburbs
Transportation: Metro Green Line (1): Kifissia Station

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