Vouros-Eftaxias Residence

Comprising the Dekozi-Vouros Residence and the Eftaxias Residence, this twin-building complex on Paparigopoulou Street, in Klafthmonos Square, houses the Museum of the City of Athens. Built in 1834 from designs by German architects Lunder and Hoffer, its construction had been commissioned by Dekozi-Vouros, a banker from Chios.

One of the first new buildings in the city, it remains a superb example of ‘early classicism’. The completed building overlooked the still-unrepaired square, where remnants of the heavily damaged Haseki Wall were visible.

This building was home to King Otto and Queen Amalia from 1837 until 1843, when they moved to their newly built palace. After World War II, the structure was restored, along with the connecting Eftaxias Residence. All reconstruction was based on a study by distinguished architect Ioannis Travlos.

Today it houses the Museum of the City of Athens, showcasing the history of the city from its declaration as the country’s capital until today.

Address: loannou Paparrigopoulou 5-7, Klafthmonos , Athens
Area: Athens
Transportation: Metro Red Line (2): Panepistimio Station

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