Culture Center Melina Mercouri

The Cultural Center Melina Mercouri is in the model Solar Village and is its cultural core. In this space are conducted many cultural activities as well as dancing classes for adults and children.

The Solar Village consists of 435 homes that have been designed in a modern “solar architecture” and serve almost 1.600 residents. It has a commercial center with shops and today houses beneficiaries of the Worker’s Housing Organization. The design and construction were made with the cooperation of the current Ministry of Development, the Workers’ Housing Organization and the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The project was constructed in 1984 on the basis of a study conducted by the office A.N. Tompazi. The goal was a residential complex where the energy conservation and the protection of the natural environment coexist with modern domestic comforts and social services.

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Address: Solar Village Pefki, Pefki
Area: North Suburbs

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