Destroyer Velos

The Velos is a destroyer-class vessel that has seen action in many major events in modern Greek history. Christened as a U.S. naval destroyer during World War II, it was subsequently upgraded and given to Greece in 1959 as part of Greece’s accession to NATO, serving the Greek Navy until 1991, when it was decommissioned.

Currently anchored at Faliro Bay,it now operates as a museum, focusing on the struggle of the Greek people against the junta from 1967 to 1974.

Following a failed coup attempt by naval officers against the junta, the situation reached a boiling point in May of 1973, when commander Nikos Pappas and the destroyer’s crew defected, striking a major blow to the junta’s prestige and power.

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Address: USS Charrette Palaio Faliro
Area: Palaio Faliro, South Suburbs
Transportation: Tram: Parko Flisvou Station

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