Dora Stratou Dance Theatre

Founded in 1952 by Dora Stratou, a musician, singer, researcher, folklorist and choreographer, this unique institution is dedicated to the preservation of traditional Greek dances and original songs from every corner of the country.

Housing a large garden theatre, a dance school and a band of talented artists, the institution also maintains an extensive collection of costumes from every era and place in the world that Greeks have ever lived.

A talented and patriotic woman, Dora Stratou created the theatre that visitors see today, but sadly she passed away in 1988.

  • Daily performances in its 860-seat garden theatre, located on Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis
  • A company of 75 dancers, musicians and folk singers
  • A collection of over 2,000 village-made costumes, with jewelry and other works of folk art worn on stage.
  • School providing courses, lectures and workshops on Greek dance, rebetiko dances, dance therapy, folk embroidery. Teacher training program.
  • Programs for elementary schools.
  • Field research programs in Dance Ethnography, Dance History, Dance Sociology.
  • Study group, classes and workshops on Ancient Greek dance.
  • Archives of dance books, articles, field recordings, photographs, videos and films.
  • Publications: over 40 LP records, 15 CDs, 15 cassettes, 7 videocassettes, 30 books on dance in Greek, English and other languages, 8 CD-ROMs, 5 DVDs.
  • Costume copies and accessories made for folk dance ensembles.
  • Organizer of annual events: World Congress on Dance Research, Anapali Festival, Emmelia Festival.
  • Operation of the Greek Dance Pandect portal: and various websites.
  • Close cooperation with the International Dance Council CID, the UNESCO official summit organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world:
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Address: 8, Scholiou Str, Plaka
Area: Athens
Phone: +302103244395

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