Grande Bretagne Hotel

The Grande Bretagne Hotel has a long and interesting history. In the 1840s, Antonis Dimitriou, a Greek businessman living abroad, bought a piece of land directly opposite the Royal Palace and built himself a majestic mansion with 90 rooms. In the 1870s, it was purchased and converted into the most luxurious hotel in Athens.

Then, during World War II, the hotel housed the headquarters of the Nazi occupation. After the country’s liberation, the building served as the headquarters of the British Army, remaining closed to the public until 1956.

Today, completely restored and refurbished, the hotel once again offers luxurious hospitality to its distinguished visitors. It is worth noting that in 1974, after the collapse of the junta, the Prime Minister at the time, Constantine Karamanlis, maintained his offices here for almost four months.

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Address: Syntagma Square, Athens
Area: Athens
Phone: +30210 3330000
Email: [email protected]
Transportation: Metro Red (2) or Blue (3) Line: Syntagma Station

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