The Cave of Euripides

Located near the village of Peristeria on Salamis island, the entrance to the Cave of Euripides is perched 120 metres above the sea, its many chambers and offshoots extending 50 metres into the mountain.

Archaeological findings from excavations performed in the 1990s include coins, items of worship and a vessel with Euripides’ name engraved on it, confirming that the cave was used from the Neolithic period until the Frankish occupation. Written evidence from Greek and Roman sources support the conclusion that Euripides retreated to this cave to relax, concentrate and write some of his famous works.

The cave can be reached via a back road from the bay of Peristeria, which passes by an ancient fountain and the remnants of the temple of Dionysus.

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Address: Peristeria, Salamina
Area: Salamina

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