The Discobole

The Discobole (Discus Thrower) by world famous sculptor Constantine Dimitriadis (1881-1943) won the Gold Medal for sculpture in the Paris Olympic Games of 1924. Three copies of the bronze sculpture were produced in the Parisian moulding factories of Alexis Rodier in 1924 for the Olympic Games of that year.

The first copy was given by the sculptor to a friend in New York, where it resides today in Randall’s Island Park. The second copy stands outside Dijon Stadium in France, and the third has stood opposite the Kallimarmaron Stadium since 1927. At a height of more than two metres, the statue perfectly depicts the muscular tension of the athlete’s body as he is about to throw the discus.

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Address: Vas. Konstantinou Ave, Athens
Area: Athens
Transportation: Metro Red (2) or Blue (3) Line: Syntagma Station

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The Discobole


The Discobole (Discus Thrower) won the Gold Medal for sculpture in the Paris Olympic Games of 1924....