Tobacco factory

The Public Tobacco Factory at 218 Lenorman Street occupies an entire city block, covering a total area of approximately nine acres.

Built in 1927, the factory was based on plans by civil engineer, N. Gavalas. Its two floors were constructed in a square pattern, surrounding a ground-level patio, and covered by a glass roof atop an iron framework. Over the years the building housed approximately 25 tobacco companies in quick succession.

In 1989 the building and all of its machinery was acquired by the Hellenic Parliament and listed as a historic monument. Still being renovated today, a large section of the old factory is currently occupied by a portion of the Hellenic Parliament Library. There are even plans to create a tobacco museum on the site.

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Address: 218, Lenorman Str, Sepolia
Area: Athens
Phone: +302105102605
Transportation: Metro Red Line (2): Sepolia Station

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