Kythera Trail M1 Chora – Kapsali


In front of the Chora Castle entrance (alternatively, at the beginning of Kapsali bay)


Chora, Castle of Chora, Churches of Mesa Vourgo, British stone bridge, Kapsali

This spectacular path was once one of Kythera’s busiest routes, connecting the island’s former main port, Kapsali, with the capital city of Chora. Today the path forms a circular route, allowing hikers to descend from the western side of the Kastro (castle fort) with a breathtaking view of the impressive cliffside fortifications. The landscape along this path is rich in landmarks (churches, stone mansions, an ancient stone bridge, English aquaduct, etc.) and provides a stunning view over the sea and the twin bays of Kapsali harbour. The  adventurous hiker with a taste for action can find organized climbing opportunities at Sparagario beach. For more seawards-inclined visitors, a speed-boat trip can be arranged to the rocky islet of Chytra off the coast of Kapsali. Here one can marvel at the impressive open-water sea cave with its magnificently coloured waters, as well as the flocks of seabirds nesting on its otherwise barren slopes.

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