Destination Methana – full of surprises and natural wonders!

The stunning Methana peninsula of Troezen Municipality is a majestic verdant destination in Attica that definitely resembles an island. Reaching the harbour in the ferry, in less than an hour from Piraeus port, you will instantly feel the calm and relaxing aura of the place, as well as the urge to discover the unique surprises and extraordinary experiences it has to offer!

The age-long history of Methana is testified by the numerous prehistoric and ancient finds you will come across throughout the peninsula. Known for its wonderful nature and breathtaking landscapes, mainly due to the Kameni Hora volcano, Methana is a truly unique and outstanding destination in Attica, ideal for alternative travellers who seek holiday experiences off the beaten path.

The town with the picturesque harbour and the lush green islet of Agioi Anargyroi compose an enchanting landscape. The promenade in front of the lined up tavernas, the retro pastry shops and the palm trees, will take you on a “journey” to a past era. When the sun goes down, the atmosphere in Methana town becomes even cosier and more familiar, with a car-free esplanade that is perfect for romantic strolls by the sea.

Things to see

The ascent to the now inactive volcano of Methana is in itself a truly unique experience. The hike through a pine forest takes less than an hour and leads to the greatest and most significant of the 30 volcanic craters, located near the “Kameni Hora” village. From the top, the view over the Saronic Gulf is absolutely breathtaking, while the village itself is an extraordinary sight, perched on the steep, petrified mountainside. The few houses in Kameni Hora are built with the same, almost black stone that lava left behind.

Agioi Anargyroi islet
The pine-covered islet with the crystal blue waters is connected with Methana through a narrow strip of land. Its organised beach is perfect for swimming, fishing and water sports.

Acropolis of Ancient Methana
On the hill of Palaiokastro, near Vathy village, lie the ruins of the Acropolis of Ancient Methana. Abundant archaeological evidence testifies that the area had been inhabited already since the Neolithic Period (5000 BC), while remains of ancient buildings from the sunken city of Methana still survive in the sea.

Castle of Favieros
On the hill above the strait of Methana, stands the imposing medieval Castle of Favieros, with its four small corner towers. The last part of the route to the protected historical monument is a post signed hiking path, with remains of the area’s fortification.

Agios Konstantinos and Eleni Hill
This remarkable archaeological site features finds of a Mycenaean settlement of the 14th and 13th centuries BC, while the numerous oblation items found in one of the buildings suggest that it was a place of a god worship, possibly Poseidon.

Peristeri Cave
Methana’s cave is one of the most significant natural sights in the area, located in Steno, on the way to Vathy village. It is known as “Peristeri Cave” (Pigeon Cave) and its estimated age is 2.5 million years. It is 250 metres long and consists of three chambers. In the first room there is a small lake, while the last two are decorated with impressive stalagmites in stunning formations.

On the west side of Methana peninsula lies the scenic fishing village of Vathy, an oasis of peace and quiet with beautiful views to the gulf. Don’t forget to schedule a visit to the seaside villages of Agios Georgios and Agios Nikolaos, before you head to the mountainous villages of Kypseli, Agioi Theodoroi and Makryloghos.


Beaches and outdoor activities

Methana peninsula is a paradise for sea and mountain activities, offering visitors a wide range of fascinating options. Pick your own favourite organised or secluded beach, in lush green coves or rocky shores, and swim in crystal blue waters or enjoy fishing and water sports. The beach near Methana town is organised, while further to the north, you will find Limnionas beach, with its emerald waters and pebbled shore surrounded by trees. All the way to the north of the peninsula, swim at the beautiful beaches of Foflakas in Agioi Theodoroi, Agios Georgios and Agios Nikolaos, while on the east side you will find Almyra beach in Vathy. Don’t miss out on the long organised beach by the Agioi Anargyroi islet, with fine pebble and crystal water, ideal for beach and water sports.

Nature lovers and hikers will be absolutely thrilled by the almost 60 klm signed trails of great sightseeing interest found on the Methana peninsula. Tour around landscapes of stunning beauty, discover the unique flora of the region and marvel at the 30 volcanic craters, the scattered archaeological ruins and the beautiful traditional villages in Methana.

As for the gastronomic delights of Methana, you will be rewarded with fresh fish and seafood at the picturesque fishing villages, and delicious desserts, starring the flavourful local amygdalota.

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