Summer escape to Porto Rafti

About 40 klm away from Athens, one of the best-known resorts of East Attica, Porto Rafti, offers visitors generous doses of natural beauty, history, relaxation, entertainment and gastronomic delights. For a day-trip or a short break, Porto Rafti promises unique moments and memorable experiences in Attica!

The easiest and fastest way to get to Porto Rafti is via the Attica Tollway (“Attiki Odos”). Alternatively, drive along Attica’s coastal road or choose the beautiful route that passes through Kouvaras pine-covered forest.

The region had always been a place of strategic importance, since Porto Rafti or “Mesogea harbour” used to be the gate of Attica. This is testified both by the archaeological finds in the area and the references in Greek history and mythology. According to travel narratives of the time, Porto Rafti was the alternative harbour of Athens, when Piraeus was blockaded by enemy ships.

The small sheltered harbour of Porto Rafti is the jewel of the area and ideal place to stroll by the sea. It is surrounded by a beautifully made pebble-paved promenade which ends in a wooden deck on the west side of the harbour. The wooden construction was made with total respect for the environment, using absolutely no cement, and with consideration for the disabled people, so that this beautiful stroll by the sea can be enjoyed by everyone.

While you walk along the harbour, ducks, geese and swans will keep you company, swimming in the quiet waters next to you. You will even see the fishing boats that return to the harbour with the catch of the day.

Apart from the nearby chapel of Agios Nikolaos that attracts the eye, the chapel of Agios Spyridonas stands on the opposite side of the bay, in a stunning location right by the sea. Left and right, the beaches are enticing…

The coastal route in Porto Rafti is absolutely delightful, whether on foot or on a bicycle, offering amazing views to the big blue, which are only interrupted by the three islets that adorn the bay. These are the tiny rocky islands of Rafti, Raftopoula and Prasso. At the very top of Rafti rest the remains of a marble statue. Standing 2.35 meters high and with a base reaching two meters, it has been dominating the islet for centuries. It is known as the Colossus of Porto Rafti due to its size, while locals used to call it “Rafti” (“tailor”) – hence the name of the area – since it is said that it depicted a man who held a golden pair of scissors in his hand.

However, most researchers believe that it is a womans statue, associated with the myth of the marble beauty, the young woman of legendary beauty, who turned to the gods for help, in order to rid herself from the persistent pursuit of a young man. Gods decided to turn her into stone, so that her beauty would live forever, abiding however by the single rule set by the girl: her statue would have to stand near the sea, which she so loved.

In summer months, the shores of Porto Rafti are ideal destinations for unforgettable swims in crystal waters and numerous activities for everyone… in and out of the water! Famous or lesserknown beaches, organised or not, promise to satisfy every preference.

Southeast of Porto Rafti you will find Avlaki, the organised municipal beach that is awarded every year with a Blue Flag for its clear, blue waters. Ideal for children and adults, the beach offers facilities and services that guarantee memorable days by the sea, with every comfort you can think of. Those who love activities and exercise will have endless fun, enjoying a multitude of sea and beach sports.

If you seek a beach that harmoniously combines green and blue, Erotospilia will definitely be your favourite. Embraced by rocks, the small cove is protected by north winds, while its crystal waters, the small sea caves and the golden sand are some of the reasons that make this beach stand out.

Right by the chapel of Agios Spyridonas, there is a popular free beach with sand and emerald waters, which is ideal for families with children and senior visitors. The beach is also equipped with a special ramp, for easy access by disabled people.

If you prefer secluded and isolated coves, Kalos Gialos off the main road is a true hidden gem: flat rocks, fine sand and many spots to dive from and explore the majestic sea life of the area.

Leaving the beach, head to one of the numerous tavernas of the region for quality food, with dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish and seafood, right by the sea. After all, Porto Rafti is famous for its gastronomic delights, as well as its quality entertainment and nightlife options.

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