Museum Vorres

The Vorres Museum and its collections pack more than 3,000 years of Greek history into a six-acre complex of buildings, courtyards and gardens.

The museum is divided into two main sections. The first consists of two traditional village houses and the remnants of a stable dating to the early 19th century. It features Greek carpets, ceramics, icons, rare furniture and other antiquities. This section does not attempt a precise reconstruction, but rather reinterprets traditional Greek architectural features and popular objects used in Greek daily life. The display reveals the inherent beauty and practical use of common artefacts and reminds contemporary Greeks of the importance of preserving their national heritage.

The second section houses a museum of contemporary Greek art, displaying outstanding post-World War II paintings and sculptures by Greek artists in Greece and abroad. Works are arranged and exhibited thematically.

With magnificent art and beautiful courtyards and gardens, this gem of a museum draws hosts of visitors each year.

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Address: 1, Diadochou Konstantinou St, Peania
Area: East Suburbs
Phone: +302106642520
Opening Hours: Sat-Sun: 10:00-14:00 Mon-Fri: only via appointment and for groups of 20 or more
Transportation: Suburban Railway: Paiania Kantza Station
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