Ioannis Kapodistrias

The first governor of the newly established Greek State. In January of 1828 he arrived in Poros and temporarily established his temporary government, staying in the Kolokouvaros family house. Thanks to the crucial and strategic position of Poros for the urgent organization of the National Fleet and Naval Base, Kapodistrias fought against piracy in the Greek seas and contributed to the construction of shipyards. He founded schools and an orphanage and worked on the landscaping of Poros Town. In September of 1828 he welcomed the representatives of the Great Powers, and through tough negotiations he succeeded in determining the first borders of the New Greek State. During the same month, the Greco-Russian diplomatic relations were established, thanks to the credentials of the Russian representative to the Governor. Kapodistrias left Poros in the summer of 1831, under the threat of a civil war against Miaoulis’s fleet. He was murdered in Nafplion in October of the same year by members of the Mavromichalis family.

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Area: Poros

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