Verdant parks and groves in Attica: time for picnic and relaxation

Waking up to a shiny day is a promise of relaxation, a friendly reminder to enjoy a little rest. Either opting for a short or a long break, Attica parks and groves are just perfect for some stress-free moments.

Spread along Attica, the shady parks and leafy groves of Athens and nearby suburbs enhance the natural landscape within the urban web. Grab your favorite snacks and try to make a pause; go for a picnic, touching the soil, feeling the sunrays, living the moment.

The National Garden, the unique and historic garden of Greece, is deployed in the heart of the city center, easily accessible to all, from sunrise to sunset. Follow the helical network of its paths, among a galore of trees and bushes, rambling and florescent plants, an alluring mix of Mediterranean and foreign species.

Parko Eleftherias (the Freedom Park), next to the Athens Concert Hall, a landmark adorned with the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, is the ultimate place for a short break during your day. Grab your seat on any of its green hillocks, place your blanket on the grass and gaze Lycabettus Hill or Hymettus Mountain. Enjoy your moments of heartwarming rest.

Pedion tou Areos (the Field of Ares), a 250,000 sqm refreshing green oasis, is the utter chance for your own dolce far niente, isolating you from the frustrating fuss of the city. Want to feel the hype of one of the most popular neighborhoods of Athens? Created in 1908, Pangrati Grove is ideal for a quick pitstop for a snack or coffee at its benches.

Amid its 256,000 sqm, Veikou Grove in the neighborhood of Galatsi offers a lot of kiosks, where you can sit and enjoy an impromptu picnic. In the heart of a revitalizing surroundings, leave your to-do list behind and focus on your inner self.

Papagos Grove in the neighborhood of Papagou is also a great option for a breath of fresh air. Below the shade of its trees, watch the locals walking their dogs and enjoy a snack listening to the delightful birdsong.

“Antonis Tritsis” Environmental Awareness Park in the area of Ilion is the biggest organized park in Attica, a true gem to be cherished. With six artificial lakes and one artificial canal, rich in flora and fauna, this major park will become your outdoor purlieu, for long walks and picnics in nature.

In the suburb of Chaidari, Diomedes Botanic Garden, the largest botanic garden of the Southeastern Mediterranean, is a true heaven for nature lovers. More than 2,500 species of plants from all over the world can been found in its 1,860,000 sqm of greenery, whereas the related signs give you a short brief on each plant’s name and origin. Lofty trees, colorful flowers, small ponds and shady paths make a perfect setting in order to enjoy a life giving experience in one of the most distinct botanic gardens world-wide. Spend some strolling around and immerse yourself into the soothing properties of nature.

From early in the morning until late in the evening, Peristeri Grove and its leafy paths attract nature aficionados in a landscape filled with eucalyptuses, plane and olive trees, acacias, cypresses, lemon trees and many other trees and plants composing the verdant scenery of the grove. Prepare your favorite snacks and enjoy your meal, within a true oasis which, according to the University of Athens, has actually improved local living conditions since it has led to a 3-5°C temperature decline during heatwaves.

Nea Filadelfeia Grove is another source of pure nature. Above its 420,000 square meters you can see greenfinches, goldfinches, robins, scops, owls and European green toads, the true star of the grove. Walk around its umbrageous paths and disconnect from reality, enjoying a light meal surrounded by greenery.

For more than 100 years, the Grove of Nea Smyrni welcomes locals and visitors who wish to stroll around leafy routes, from morning to night. With woodsy and ornamental trees, it creates a vivid mosaic that reminds you to take a deep breath and peacefully enjoy a relaxing picnic.

The enchanting forest of Syngrou Estate in Marousi, with its botanic collection of cactuses and succulents, and the goldfish swimming inside its ponds, is open to the public from early in the morning until late in the evening. While enjoying your break, admire the preservable buildings along the estate, the Syngrou Tower and the chapel of Saint Andrew, the only Orthodox gothicstyle temple designed by prominent architect Ernst Ziller.

A precious breath of fresh air, an oasis or a natural treasure, you name it! Words, however, cannot replace the experience of a carefree picnic in the heart of these parks and groves. Follow the green paths, put your mobile phone aside and delve into the beauty of nature triumphing over the urban environment.

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