Destination Weddings Live the happiest moment of your life in Attica!



Have you made the big decision and it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams? Are you newlywed and seek the ideal destination for your honeymoon? Do you wish to celebrate a landmark wedding anniversary with a vow renewal and reaffirm your commitment to your partner? Live these important moments of your life in Attica, a place of stunning beauty, elegance and romance!

No matter what you imagine your wedding ceremony to be like – religious or civil, simple or luxurious, in winter or summer, in the city or by the sea – Attica offers the ideal “stage” for the happiest event of your life, to perfectly match your wishes and expectations.

The whole of Attica is adorned with unique cultural sights and world-famous monuments, symbols of eternity and resilience through time. Athens, the suburbs and the entire coastline, as well as the breathtakingly beautiful islands nearby feature numerous atmospheric and utterly majestic photoshoot locations bathed in Attica’s brilliant sunlight. Your wedding’s setting can’t get any better than that!

Here you will find hundreds of impressive Byzantine churches and picturesque little chapels, both in the mainland and by the sea, ideal for all kinds of wedding ceremonies. Countless luxury resorts and wedding reception facilities to choose from, gorgeous garden wedding venues full of lush greenery, by beautiful lakes or with picturesque sea views, and visitable wineries that await you all around the year.

The internationally acclaimed Greek fashion and jewellery designers will make sure you look astonishing on the day of your wedding, while the professional photographers and established wedding specialists, suppliers and services will guarantee the most amazing ceremony you can imagine! Meet them at the wedding exhibitions and fashion shows that take place every year in Athens. Relax and let Attica’s reliable and experienced wedding reception planners and fine cuisine caterers take care of everything. The only thing you need to do is enjoy the happiest day of your life with your guests.

The stunning seaside resorts of Attica, just outside Athens, offer the perfect wedding venues, to match your individual preferences and expectations: beautiful spaces around the swimming pool, in elegant gardens or on amazing verandas, with atmospheric ambience and breathtaking views of the sea. The experienced stuff will be there for you, every step of the way, offering high standard services, comfort and reassurance. From the wedding menu to decoration and music playlist, everything will be done the way you have dreamed of and wished for.
Choose among the spacious, luxury suites overlooking the sea, surrender in the revitilising thalassotherapy treatment and enjoy a relaxing massage with essential oils.

If you want your wedding and honeymoon to be truly special and extraordinary, choose one of Attica’s stunning little islands, a stone’s throw away from the port of Piraeus. Each has its own individual beauty and character, from cosmopolitan Hydra, romantic Poros and elegant Spetses, to traditional Aegina, picturesque Agistri and mythical Kythera. Here, tradition blends with modernity, and the unique wedding customs that have survived from ancient times, add even more colour and joy to wedding ceremonies.

In Poros the bride and groom walk to the church, in separate wedding processions accompanied by family, friends and musicians who play traditional wedding tunes. In Hydra the bride often wears the traditional folk costume of the island – short silk velvet coat, long skirt with folds and an embroidered silk head scarf. After the ceremony, the wedding celebration begins: plenty of feasting, music by local instruments, such as the violin and lute, singing and dancing. In Spetses bride and groom go to the church together, either on foot accompanied by musicians playing traditional wedding songs or on a decorated carriage, pulled by a white horse. In Kythera, the island where Aphrodite, the goddess of love and romance was born, all guests sing traditional wedding tunes, couplets of praises to the bride and groom and wishes for their new life together.

No matter which island you choose or what type of wedding you dream of – traditional or modern, with few friends and relatives at a little church by the sea or with many guests at a luxurious hotel with astonishing facilities – this special day will be forever engraved in your mind and heart.

The delicious wedding menus with local traditional flavours and the “amygdalota” and “kourabiedes” that are offered as a sweet treat in island weddings, will thrill you and your guests. The hospitable local people and experienced professionals will help you organise everything, exactly the way you’ve dreamed of. You will reach the picturesque whitewashed churches that lie by the sea or on a tiny nearby island in the traditional decorated small boats. At the wedding reception, you and your guests will dance along with a local dance group in traditional folk costumes, that will teach you the steps of the joyous local dances. Your photographs will be taken in stunning locations, with the islands’ breathtaking sights in the background. You will love the majestic colours of the sunset as you take a romantic walk in the narrow paved alleys, along the promenades or on the golden sandy beaches of the Saronic islands.

Exchange wedding vows and spend an unforgettable honeymoon in places of stunning beauty and romantic landscapes throughout Attica. Renew your wedding vows in picturesque destinations with incredible charm and elegance. All that, combined with the excellent mild Mediterranean climate of Attica, the famous Greek hospitality and love for life and joy create the perfect setting for unique, memorable experiences.

Greece is an absolute favourite wedding destination for people around the world. Attica, being a snapshot of the country’s breathtaking beauty, is a unique mosaic of Greek landscapes, experiences and traditions. It concentrates and generously offers the precious essence of this beauty. Accept it… as a gift for your wedding!

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