Maria Callas Museum – “La Divina” is back home

View of the first floor - Maria Callas museum

View of the first floor - Maria Callas museum

Overview of the 1st floor of the Maria Callas Museum – Photo by Vangelis Patsialos


The divine voice of a fragile existence, destined for eternity!

“I am not an angel and do not pretend to be. That is not one of my roles. But I am not a devil, either. I am a woman and a serious artist …”. This is how the greatest opera diva chose to define herself. And she did so quite rarely. She didn’t enjoy talking too much. Since there was nothing more to explain but the librettos, which… fell for her, because of how she  performed them.

Maria Callas is the figure that changed the history of the opera and keeps fascinating as the top female artist, but also as a woman and style icon. Her acting was breathtaking, not only for its dramatic truth but for its musical integrity alike. Her voice, ranging so wide, was highly distinctive, whereas her sense for every dulcet note was infallible. A magnetic personality, who could bring the opera heroines into real life, by magically molding and coloring her voice tone and insightfully using the libretto text.

All these transcendent qualities made up her divine existence, turning her into “La Divina” eternal. And the time has come for “La Divina”, 100 years since her birth (2 December 1923), to return to her homeland! At a place where she can welcome us all. An entire museum, exclusively dedicated to her life, art and legacy, in the heart of Athens, the Attican land she so much adored.

The first “Maria Callas Museum” in the world honors the Greek Diva and has opened its doors, to let visitors delve into her own magical world. A sublime four-level neoclassical building of 1,070 sq.m., at 44 Mitropoleos street, overlooking the Acropolis, invites us all to immerse ourselves into her universe and the exquisite milestones of her career.

Through a comprehensive experience taking place at two thematic floors, visitors can watch the life and the career of Maria Callas unfold. From her very beginning, the years spent in Greece, her international career and leading roles, to her social life, her personality, the iconic moments and persons who stood by her side, her remarkable legacy through the 74 roles she performed, but also her personal experiences.

Walking around the museum, visitors can get to know the entire artistic course of the Greek soprano. The possibility to enjoy her voice ceaselessly renders the entire experience into a unique mellow, yet
melancholic pleasure. The museum has created a detailed timeline with the pivotal moments of Maria Callas’ life. The entire collection is full of valuable documents, rare live recordings, an unmatchable collection of discs, special instants, but also some of her personal belongings.

Booklets and posters of her performances, original letters addressed to her or written by her to others, photos, telegrams, press clippings, artwork inspired by her, busts and, of course, a galore of audiovisual material with recorded shows, interviews and documentaries. Rare leather-bound editions, a rich collection of commemorative stamps, sheet music she used to study and her personal notes thereon, clothes, accessories and legendary dresses; this is how visitors get in touch with aspects of her life.

Maria Callas has returned where she always belonged. Either for museum-lovers who visit the broader region of Attica as tourists, or for those keen on immersing into the thrilling “divine” universe of Maria Callas, a visit to the museum is a compelling experience and a fascinating trip in space and time, not to be missed…

The building belongs to the City of Athens and the venue has been arranged pursuant to the most modern museology specifications. The collection and the museum are operated by Technopolis, on behalf of the Municipality of Athens.

The Municipality of Athens started the Maria Callas collection in 2000 which currently consists of approximately 1,000 items.

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