Alsos Peristeriou

In May 2012, a beautiful 15-acre park opened to the public in the western suburb of Peristeri. The park is one of the neighbourhood’s main attractions.

The new park was opened by the head of the region of Attica, Yiannis Sgouros, the vice-head of the regional division of Western Athens, Konstantinos Papandoniou and Peristeri’s mayor Andreas Pachatouridis. One of the region’s most important environmental projects, the park has improved the lives of thousands of people in the area – as well as the environment itself. According to studies by the University of Athens, the park has contributed to a temperature decline of some 3 to 5 degrees Celsius during the height of summer.

Enjoy an afternoon stroll amid the park’s lush greenery, delightful birdsong and fragrant flowers. Linger in the shade of the eucalyptus, olive, acacia, fig and plane trees.
Fitness buffs will also find a state-of-the art gym where they can exercise in the midst of nature. Bibliophiles can borrow a book from the municipal library (Dimotiki Vivliothiki) and spend a few quiet hours reading under a tree. For those who can’t leave their laptops behind, there’s free WiFi.

The park is also great for kids – introduce them to nature, teach them how to protect the environment and, when they start showing signs of boredom, take them to the fantastic playground. In summer, the park hosts children’s plays and puppet shows in a newly renovated venue. Summer also offers concerts, dance performances and open-air events in the amphitheatre.

Alsos Peristeriou is also home to the Green House (Prasino Spiti), an information centre dedicated to the issues of recycling, energy conservation and new-energy technologies. It is open daily.

For those in need of a quick rest, the park is filled with comfortable seating areas as well as the “Alsos tis Polis” café, perfect for coffee, fresh juices, snacks or evening drinks with friends.

Hours: 06:00-24:00
Information: Peristeri Municipality, Tel. +30 210-5701000
Access: Visitors can take the metro to the Aghios Antonios station and then the A13 bus. You can also take trolley bus no. 12 (Zappeio-Peristeri) or take trolley bus no. 25 and disembark at the Thivon stop.

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Address: 63, Aghiou Vasileiou Str, Peristeri
Area: Peristeri, West Suburbs

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