Every season in Attica is pure magic!

Multidimensional and majestic, with a stunning diversity and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, Attica boasts destinations that are ideal for every traveler, every season of the year.


Attica’s mild winters and perfect climate allow for unforgettable routes and explorations in the mountain heavens of the mainland, with their extended network of marked paths, and the incredible beauty of snow-capped forests. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will be absolutely thrilled and those who wish to relax, will enjoy the warm hospitality and excellent local gastronomy at the organised refuges in Mount Parnitha. Also mark Hymettus, Penteli and Sounio National Park on your map and prepare for fascinating experiences in splendid nature!

Wander in the historical centre of Athens, visit the world-known archaeological sites and numerous museums of the city. In Piraeus, explore the wonderful district of Kastela with its panoramic view and enjoy the gastronomic and nighlife scene of the city. Both in Athens and its suburbs, combine walking in beautiful neighbourhoods with shopping and entertainment that never ends. Prepare for memorable gastronomic experiences and culinary treasures that are hidden all around Attica.

Don’t miss out on Christmas and New Year’s celebrations throughout Attica, with the beautiful local customs and traditions. Decorated Christmas boats, children’s carols and the smashing of the pomegranate; the sanctification of waters on Epiphany Day, with the brave diving for the cross. In Carnival, join the festivities that take place in every corner of Attica and have the time of your lives, along with locals.


This is the season when Attica’s nature celebrates. Parks, groves and exurban forests outside Athens put on their best, coroulful outfits. In Kaissariani, at the “Antonis Tritsis” Environmental Awareness Park, on Lycabettus and Filopappous hills, at the Atticus Grove in Galatsi, at the Syngros and the Tatoi Estates you will forget you are just a few minutes away from the centre of Athens. The lush green mountains around the city are ideal spingtime destinations for outdoor activities and hiking on the stunning hillsides and beautiful glades.
This is the perfect time to discover the historical Attica vineyard and enjoy fascinating routes in verdant landscapes. Visit the wineries of the area and savour the exceptional local varieties, starring Savatiano.

Save the date for Kifissia Flower Show in April, a true celebration of nature, and join the food festivals that are organised in the whole of Attica this time of year. Experience the ultimate sports event, the Athens Halfmarathon, and immerse yourselves in the beauty of the city in spring. Savour delicious seafood and fish at the seaside tavernas and have a picnic in the lush green countryside, flying the traditional kite on Ash Monday. Celebrate the colourful carnival and experience Easter with locals, in reverence that climaxes into unforgettable partying. Discover the unique Easter traditions in Attica, such as the maritime Epitaph in Hydra, and enjoy the local flavours that accompany this significant Greek celebration.


The stunning Argosaronic islands, each with its own, particular character, are the ultimate summer “must” for visitors of all ages. No matter what you seek from your summer vacation, here you will find you own little paradise. Along the endless coastline of Attica you will relax by the crystal blue water, you will enjoy your favourite sea sports and the high standard services offered at the beautiful tourist resorts. For quiet and laid back moments by the sea or cosmopolitan atmosphere and luxury, for families, groups of friends or couples, the whole coastline of Attica will absolutely thrill you. In Sounio, with the imposing Temple of Poseidon, you will be enchanted by one of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen, while the mystic Lavrio will offer you unique, authentic experiences.

Summertime is the ultimate festival season throughout Attica: Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Jazz Festival, European Music Day, Dora Stratou Traditional Dance Festival, Athens Pride Festival, Open-air Film Festival, Rockwave and Eject Music Festivals, Aischylia in Eleusis, Miaoulia in Hydra, PoroSea-Run-Swim-Cycle, Spetses Classic Regatta, Aegina Film Festival. Don’t miss out on the majestic events for August full moon that are organised everywhere in Attica, and experience the unique “Dekapentavgoustos” (15 August) celebrations.


In autumn, the countryside of Attica welcomes its unsuspecting visitors and conscious nature lovers and reveals its enchanting secrets. Perfect time for excursions to a place that is filled with major archaeological sites and historical monuments, green farms, vineyards, olive groves, mountain ridges and the surrounding coastline.

Autumn is ideal time to sail to the islands of Attica, a stone’s throw away from Athens, and immerse into the calm and beauty of their daily life, away from the “loud” summer days and nights. Open sails to the island of Spetses, with its glorious history, and experience the one-of-a-kind Armata celebrations in September. Cosmopolitan Hydra, the beloved island of celebrities, will enchant you. As you enter the port in Poros, marvel at the island’s main town that is amphitheatrically built on two hills. Picturesque Aegina, artists’ favourite island, and quiet little Aghistri, historical Salamina with its hidden treasures, as well as enchanting Kythera and peaceful Antikythera are destinations you will fall in love with, each for different reasons.

In autumn don’t miss the traditional olive harvest in Attica, the Aegina Fistiki Fest, Spetses Tweed Run, the film festivals and Designers Week in Athens. A must-see annual event in Attica is definitely the Athens Marathon – the Authentic, one of the greatest sports events in the world.

No matter when you decide to visit Attica, you will undoubtedly discover hidden treasures that will amaze you, and will experience true moments of bliss you will never forget. Because every single season in Attica is pure magic!


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