Delightful routes and activities in Agistri’s beautiful nature

It is small, beautiful and just a stone’s throw away from Piraeus! Agistri, which translates to “fish hook” in Greek, is a miniature island in the Argosaronic Gulf, a stunning lush paradise for visitors who wish both to relax and enjoy memorable activities in nature. Attica’s charming island is a perfect combination of amazing green hills and crystal blue sea that will captivate you from the very first moment. Beware, once you visit it you will be… hooked forever!

Cycling and hiking

We load our bicycles on the ferry – without extra charge – and set sail to Agistri! Alternatively, we rent the bike we like once we arrive on the island and begin our tour from Skala harbour, cycling to Megalochori, the island’s capital town. The 1.5km route is wonderful, running along a spotlessly clean, paved promenade. Extra tip: go for an afternoon ride; the enchanting sunset will fascinate you!

In Agistri’s mainland you will find wonderful routes through hills up to 300 metres high, covered with pine forests. Combined with the island’s small road network and minimal traffic, these routes are truly amazing! Here, pine trees “flirt” with the waves of the sea and bicycle rides will take you from the green hills of the island to its majestic beaches, for a refreshing swim!

If you love hiking, the multitude of shady paths that cross the 14 sq. kilometres of the island connect small villages with coasts, running through fragrant pine forests with panoramic views of the Saronic Gulf and Aegina island! Discover Agistri’s trekking route network, its beautiful flora and untouched natural environment.
One of the best-known routes starts in Skala, goes through Skliri and ends at the enchanting Chalikiada beach. You should definitely hike the trails around Metochi, the miniature village between Skala and Megalochori, and marvel at the breathtaking view from the hillside where it lies. The routes to and around Aponissos are absolutely wonderful, while on the south of the island, on the way from Megalochori to Dragonera, after Bachos, you will find the starting point of a beautiful path that soon ends up at the small Dragonera beach. Cyclists and hikers arrive here early in the morning, to dive into the wonderful exotic sea waters. The biggest village of Agistri, Megalochori, is definitely worth an afternoon visit, in order to stroll around its picturesque cobblestone streets, while the smallest village of the island, Limenaria, will thrill you with its authentic traditional style and peacefulness.

Riding horses andhorse-drawn carriages!

Tour the island and reach its most extraordinary sites… on a horse! Experienced or beginner equestrians, adults or children, can take horse riding courses throughout the year, by experienced trainers who will escort the most… mighty riders in unforgettable routes on the hills and by the sea of Agistri.

Afternoon finds us in Skala and this is the best time for a romantic ride on a horse-drawn carriage, along the promenade to Megalochori, enjoying the magical sunset.

Sea tours & island hopping

An amazing experience and the best way to explore Agistri and its stunning coasts and beaches is the tour around the island in a sea taxi! You will see up close and swim in extraordinary small bays and sheltered coves with emerald waters, which are not accessible by land. You will easily reach all the magnificent beaches of Agistri, such as Dragonera, Chalikiada, Aponissos, Mariza and many others.

Here, sea tours and island hopping in a speed boat, sailboat, sea taxi or in your own yacht are an absolutely thrilling experience! Options are many, from a short trip to Doroussa, the uninhabited islet opposite Aponissos, and the other small islands around Agistri (Metopi, Kyra, Spalathronissi and Moni), to Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses. Discover the sea caves, the indented coasts and emerald waters, “hidden treasures” of the Saronic Gulf that are accessible only by sea!

Water sports

Agistri is an ideal destination for sea and water sports lovers, offering a vast number of activities, such as kayak, windsurfing, water ski, underwater fishing and scuba diving.

In Aponissos beach, whose waters resemble a swimming pool, you will enjoy all the fun of the canoe, the sea bike and the sea trampoline. An experience that will absolutely thrill you in Agistri is the organised day-trip along its coasts in a kayak, accompanied by highly trained guides. You will have the unique opportunity to get to know the island by sea and discover small and remote beaches, swim in crystal blue waters, enjoy the wonderful sunset and stop for picnics.

Those who love underwater experiences, snorkeling, scuba diving and underwater fishing, will be absolutely amazed by the rich, colourful and magical underwater world of Agistri! You can take scuba diving courses on the island and join the daily organised tours that will guarantee an extraordinary experience! You will swim in amazing waters, dive into the astonishing rocky seabed of Agistri, discover hidden coves and explore sea caves; a thrilling day that will end with a delightful barbeque with local produce on the beach.

Nature lovers and those who appreciate and respect natural environment, seeking authentic destinations away from mass tourism, get ready for Agistri! It will be love at first sight with this beautiful little island, for its relaxed atmosphere, astonishing landscapes and unpretentious character. Discover this little jewel of the Saronic Gulf!

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