The Saronic land: generously satisfying all senses!

Are you a mountain or sea type of traveller? Are you interested in history and civilisation or in outdoor activities and gastronomy? In Saronikos you don’t need to choose one over the other, because this place has it all! And the best part? It is only a stone’s throw away from Athens!

Prepare for a memorable tour in Saronikos, the “bridge” between Mesogeia and Lavreotiki, that connects the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. This is where the rocky mountains alternate with the fertile plains and the indented coastline.

Starting from the top…

We start off at Mount Merenta with the stunning panoramic views, heading towards the beautiful Kouvaras forest, for hiking on easy trails, trekking on beautiful paths and mountain bikιng on special routes. If you enjoy horse riding, Kouvaras Equestrian Club is a must! After the exhilarating activity, it’s time for some rest and relaxation at the picturesque Kouvaras village. We recharge our batteries with delicious treats from the bakery and make a stop at one of the traditional coffee shops of the village. Then we continue…

Next destination is Kalyvia and the medieval and byzantine site of the “9 Towers”. We certainly can’t miss the beautiful temples of Taxiarches (Archangels), Saint Peter and Panagia Mesosporitissa! The whole place is lush, with olive trees, vineyards and pistachio trees. Wonderful! The wider area is also known as the “Land of Kouros statues”, since some of the world-famous sculptures of strong, handsome male youths that were usually placed on tombs, were found here. Two of these Kouros statues are currently displayed in museums in Munich and New York and three can be admired at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Apart from the hiking trails in lush green paths and the traditional architecture of the houses, there is one more reason that brought us here: the culinary feast that we will enjoy in the area that is known for its delicious meat! Are you hungry yet?

Before we head down to the coastline, let’s pay a visit to the little village of Olympos, in the foothills of the homonymous mountain, with the central communal wood oven and the sky-high poplar trees.

going down!

We have reached the magnificent coastal Athens-Sounio avenue, with its deep blue shores, the long organised beaches and the quiet coves. We start the day with a morning stroll at the scenic little harbour of Palaia Phocaea. The fishing boats have just arrived with their fresh catch of the day, which we will later on enjoy at the fish tavernas of the area. But first, let’s go windsurfing at Agios Nikolaos beach, in the bay of Anavyssos, the ideal place for water sports. For relaxed swimming we head to Skalakia beach and for a leisurely stroll we choose the seafront path in Saronida. If you scuba dive, next stop is Agios Nikolaos beach in Lagonissi and the Katafygi cove, right after Thymari, with its breathtaking sea life. In Katafygi we will also visit the picturesque chapel of Panagia Katafygiotissa and admire the frescoes painted by the acclaimed Greek artist Dimitris Mytaras.

Where to stay? Across the coastline of the Attica Riviera, accommodation options are countless! From luxury resorts with stunning views of the Saronic Gulf to cozy apartments, we will definitely find what we are looking for.

Where to eat? When it comes to food, Saronikos offers extraordinary culinary experiences to satisfy all pallets: beautiful fish tavernas by the sea, popular spots for meat-lovers in the mainland, as well as modern cuisine restaurants with refined dishes. We will certainly try the traditional local delicacies, such as the “tsigarakia” and the “mosenta”, as well as the mouthwatering fresh baked bread, the “moustokouloura”, the local cheeses and wine. We will save the sweet deliciousness of the “poupeki” for last, just as sweet is the aftertaste of a visit to this place…

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