Selected Museums in Athens

The Acropolis Museum With exhibition space of more than 14,000 square meters (150,000 square feet) and a full range of modern visitor amenities, the New Acropolis Museum, designed by the

Sports Tourism

Out into the open air Find fun, excitement and adventure in Attica, a major sports tourism destination Athens and its region feature a geographical diversity and a mild climate which

Springtime in Attica: the celebration of nature!

The advent of spring whets our appetite for day trips to the countryside. We enjoy the wonderful sunny days at the parks and groves in and out of Athens, for

The LGBTQI community is welcome in Attica!

Athens metropolis; a city hospitable to all Homosexuality is a very old story in Greece. In Antiquity, the issue of what gender one is attracted to, is seen as an

Unforgettable multigenerational vacation in Attica!

In Athens and in the whole of Attica, the role of family has always been particularly important, and children have always had a special place, receiving great love and attention

Visiting Attica with children – Endless holiday fun!

“Greeks love children and the country is especially child-friendly – making Greece the ideal location for an interesting and exciting family holiday.” The Telegraph. Children like myths and super-heroes and