Rafina beach


The Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi is located in the centre of East Attica and is one of the most historical municipalities of the region.
Nature Paiania Attica Family Walk


Paiania: Attica wine, good food and fascinating secret treasures…just outside Athens!
Lavrio, Living museum

A tour in Lavrio, the living-museum town of Attica

In Lavrio, at the south-eastern edge of Attica, you will feel you are in an island, although you are just a few kilometers away from the centre of Athens. Aside from its “island-like” character, there are a lot more reasons to love Lavrio.
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Athens Riviera

The Athens Riviera, Attica’s amazing coastline to the south of Athens, resembles the lacy edge of an embroidered doily 60 kilometres long that begins in Piraeus and ends at the tip of Cape Sounion....
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Markopoulo, Attica, retsina, vineyards

Markopoulo Mesogeas

The Municipality of Markopoulo is situated in Southeast Attica, in the Mesogea plain, and has two natural outlets to the sea, the districts of Vravrona and Porto-Rafti.
Sounion, Beach

Sounion Beach

With an exquisite view of the Temple of Poseidon, Sounion Beach also offers divers myriad possibilities for underwater exploration.
Palea, Fokea, Beach

Palea Fokea Beach

Palea Fokea is a favourite destination for families, who can enjoy an outing by the sea.
Nea, Makri, beach

Nea Makri

Just 32 kilometres northeast of Athens, the large, organised beach at Nea Makri offers easy access and a number of services.