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Attica’s cultural festivals… at a glance!

The journey to Attica becomes even more majestic when it is combined with a journey in culture and arts, with routes full of music notes, theatrical expression, cinema frames and
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Biodiversity and protection of wildlife in Attica

Attica features rich biodiversity and a natural environment that astonishes up to this time, since new species are constantly discovered! National forests and parks, natural reserves and protected areas with
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Blue Flags of Attica 2019

Crystal blue waters and golden beaches for all-day fun! Amazing blue sea and crystal clear waters – this is, without a doubt, the trademark of Greece! Attica, the most prominent
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Blue Flags of Attica!

Since the beginning of time, the amazing blue sea defines Greece! Attica is the most prominent region of Greece and Athens, its capital, is blessed by clear waters that surround
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Christmas in Attica

There is no a better place to spend Christmas holidays than in Attica: festive mood, carols, mild nights, sunny days, impressive customs, delicious traditional pastries, shopping, a range of indoor
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Classical music and opera

Music is in the air Once you have arrived in Athens you will realize how much of a role music plays in Greeks’ daily life. Music is everywhere: in the
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Useful Info

I want to travel to Greece. Can I? How safe will I be in Greece? What should I do during my vacation if: -I have symptoms of Covid-19? -I ‘ve
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Creative learning and endless fun for the whole family at the museums of Attica!

In the museums of Attica, activities for the entire family and educational programmes that thrill visitors of all ages never stop! In Attica, ancient culture and local traditions, art and
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Cultural routes in Athens

It goes without saying that the main tourist attractions in the city of Athens are the sacred Rock of the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum. Myriads of foreign