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Athens – Attica: A foodie paradise in a blessed land

«Greece left me breathless… The majority of the actors visiting Greece, we combine Greece with the food, because when in Greece the flavors come alive and they take you in

Athens Half Marathon 2022

The Athens Half Marathon returns to its familiar season, in March. The 10th Athens Half Marathon, that is organized by SEGAS and the Municipality of Athens / OPANDA, in collaboration
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Athens Smart City

Overcoming, successfully the challenges of the 21st century, the city of Athens and the Region of Attica deploy the technology to improve the lives of its people and its visitors
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Attica for travellers who are young at heart!

It’s time to choose the destination for your upcoming holidays. You know what you want: to relax and experience authentic moments, with comfort and safety, in a beautiful place, easily

Attica plays the leading role

Attica and Greece are in their prime as top international destinations, something reflected on the big screen as well. More and more prominent productions choose the cities and sceneries of

Attica “invades” the cinema theatres of the world!

Attica being a natural and safe cinema studio that offers a multitude of locations and landscapes for every director’s need and cinematic purpose, it is not surprising that ever more
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Attica, the universal temple of culture! Living with history!

From Ancient times, Attica was a formation of communities, as satellites around the city of Athens. The center of administration and finance was Athens, the “kleinon asti”, as the Ancient
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Attica: the ultimate film-friendly destination

With a unique cultural and natural environment “under its belt”, Attica offers countless possibilities for the attraction of international audiovisual productions. From classical Athens, the mountainous mainland and the extraordinary
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Attica’s cultural festivals… at a glance!

The journey to Attica becomes even more majestic when it is combined with a journey in culture and arts, with routes full of music notes, theatrical expression, cinema frames and